3 Android Spying Apps Having Big List Of Features


Spying on android phones was never so easy before, thanks to a bunch of spy apps that changed our presumption about portables’ spying. Android spying is very eclectic, as one spy app can work around for almost every smartphone model. We have worked hard to find out about android spying apps having big list of features, because, after all, it’s the most important point for deciding which one to go for. However, in respective to features, prices are also needed to be considered, as it’s possible that not every app would suit your budget.

One thing that we found out was that all of these apps have a lot similarities, so it eventually comes down to how each app works on the monitored smartphone. So apart from features and pricing, a few other things need consideration, like:

    • After-sales services like refund policies and customer support.
    • Performance over a period of time that includes how it changed from the initial use.
    • Ease of use.
    • Regular upgrades that would allow you to monitor latest apps and smartphones.
    • Bugs and fixes, and how quickly are they detected and provided with a solution.

This read would only be reviewing features of a few android spying apps, because for some people, it just the features that matter preferably.

1.  ThetruthSpy

ThetruthSpy is out for a long time now, and over all, the app has mixed reviews about the performance and after-sales services. However, some users find this app very amicable, just because of the features. It’s not the app with the longest list of features, but this is definitely more than what an average spy app would provide. This is the complete list of features provided by the company on its website:

  • GPS tracking
  • SMS spying
  • Call interception and recording
  • Surroundings recording
  • View internet browsing history
  • Access content stored on gallery
  • Spy IM apps including BBM, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, Skype, Viber, Line, and Kik Messenger
  • Key logger

You can give this app’s website a visit to learn more about it.

2.  Flexispy

If you ever want to experience true manifestation of the word “big”, this app knows how to do it. It has tons and tons of features that can take you a while to just to sift through the features. However, while reading through their website, we found out that the features section was very clumsy with too many footnotes that it was difficult for us to check which feature is compatible with the Android version of the app.

We can’t really cover the whole list of features, but check out a few of them that are worth looking at:

  • Widest range of IM apps spying
  • Spy on passwords and emails
  • Remotely take a picture off the monitored device
  • Restart device
  • Sim card change alert
  • Battery status
  • Phone logs monitoring
  • GPS tracking

3.  mSPy

mSpy likes to call itself “unrivalled all-in-one solution”, but to be very honest, this app is just like what thetruthSpy is. As aforementioned, it’s just the nuances that matter when it comes to spying apps. So if you want an app that’s cheap but not bad, then mSpy should be your call.

It includes features like:

  • SMS tracking
  • IM chats tracking (not so great)
  • Keylogger
  • GPS monitoring
  • Calls monitoring
  • Web browsing history

Let us know if you have something to share with us, and keep visiting our website for more android spying apps having big list of features.

4.  Xnspy

Xnspy comes with a packet full of incredible features at a price starting for just $8.33 a month (Basic Edition). The Premium Edition starts from $12.49 a month. It covers all the features that an average person would want from a spying app. It is a perfect solution for catching cheating spouses, keeping eye on your kids and maybe even for watching over your employees. It’s compatible with both Android and iPhone. Here are some of its pretty features that we wanted to throw light on:

  • View call logs and text messages
  • Access Instant Messenger chats and multimedia
  • GPS tracking and Geo-fencing
  • Monitor emails and web browsing history
  • Remotely control the target device and block apps
  • Record phone calls and surroundings
  • Take real-time screenshots

Check the Xnspy official website to learn more about each feature.



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