6 reasons why iPhone users need to look up to the Galaxy Note 8


    Featured Image Source: AndroidCentral.com

    There’s isn’t even a little doubt that Samsung is just simply outdoing itself with providing something better every next time from the last few years; since the inception of Galaxy S6. It’s when their phones got a serious design upgrade with glass and metal over polycarbonate.

    And if some of us haven’t noticed, all major cell phone manufacturers are shifting to anodized aluminum, so Samsung kind of stands out there with their glass-back designs.

    The recent Galaxy S8+ was also another major increment in the design with Samsung’s introducing almost-bezel-less screen. It was mesmerizing at first sight but somewhere, the company missed the mark by not upgrading much within the device. So I passed the idea of switching my iPhone 7 Plus with it.

    But now, we have Samsung Galaxy Note 8. An even bigger display with the same legacy of S8+ but with a better aspect ratio, more RAM, and even better processor. I was sitting at my computer watching the live stream of Note 8 launch and it’s when I realized that there are so many departments where my iPhone 7 Plus probably lags behind.

    Which One is Your Favorite Brand?

    Now coming back to Samsung Galaxy Note 8; it’s a sight to behold, honestly! The design is more like S8+ that’s stretched horizontally, but it looks like a much better version of S8. Obviously, there’s not much that has changed on the design of Note 8 from S8 but that’s what Samsung’s strategy has always been: to come up with a Galaxy phone and then later introduce a Note phone with better specs. That’s what they have done this time around too. But there’s more about the Note 8 that caught my attention, especially when I compared it to my iPhone 7 Plus.

    Check out these 6 reasons why every iPhone user needs to look up to the Galaxy Note 8:

    Better & Bigger Display

    And When I say that the Note 8 has a better display, I want to iterate that’s it’s a LOT better. iPhone’s IPS LCD is good but Note 8’s Super AMOLED is incredible. Its contrast is amazing while the darks look really dark. All the colors are well saturated giving you an impression as they are oozing out of the screen.

    But there’s another very important reason why Note 8’s display is superior to iPhone’s and it’s HDR (high Dynamic Range) ready. Which means you can play HDR content on your phone, giving you even deeper blacks, wider dynamic range, higher contrast and even whiter whites.

    This is the most compelling reason why I want to dump my iPhone right now.

    The Dual Cameras are better

    Yes, they are better because Note 8 has dual 12-megapixel rear cameras –  one 2x telephoto and one wide angle. But unlike iPhone 7 Plus’s single optical stabilization for its telephoto lens, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has two for the both cameras.


    The dual cameras are better because it can take both a regular wide-angle photo and 2x blurred photos at the same time. iPhone can’t do that. It only keeps two versions of its portrait photo – one with the blur and other without it – so that users can know the difference between the two.

    Fast Wireless charging

    The new iPhone 8 is going to have the wireless charging; the latest reports kind of confirm that. But what about my iPhone 7 Plus? Nope, it doesn’t have one. Plus, Samsung is the only phone manufacturer that has been able to effectively work out fast wireless charging that’s as good as cable charging. The Note 8 can charge your phone from 0 to 49 percent in just 30 minutes.

    I can’t tell how much I envy phones with fast charging. I am the person who takes long call from clients, uses the internet all the times, and even plays games on his phone. So my best bet is fast charging or a power bank to prevent my phone from dying. I have to stick with the latter because of my iPhone. Duh!

    It has stylus

    Even though I am not a designer or illustrator, I enjoyed using the S Pen on my Note 5. I could easily scribble down the grocery list or phone numbers without having to unlock my phone. I wouldn’t say that this is a necessity but an appendage that comes in handy at times.

    About the S Pen on Note 8, it supports 4096 levels of pressure, which is pretty great. The tip of the S Pen is really fine at 0.7mm and great for some very refined doodling. And oh, the S Pen even works under water. Pretty Cool!

    It has expandable storage

    I can understand how expandable storage could be great for those who always need more space. The Note 8 comes with 64 GB of storage but you can extend it up to 320 GB with a microSD card.

    The good thing about expandable storage is that you only pay for the storage when you need it, rather than having to pay upfront like I had to do for iPhone (Well, I paid more for my iPhone because I wanted the Jet Black color and not more space).

    It doesn’t explode!

    Note 8 doesn’t explode like its predecessor. Samsung promised that they will come up with a safer battery and they did it. The new batteries on S8/S8+ and Note 8 are passed through an 8-point safety inspection.

    There’s so much about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that I just love, especially the design and the display. The phone looks amazing both from the front (due to display) and the back. The gray color looks neat AF and so does the black.

    Right now, all I am waiting for is the Apple’s annual event. You never know the new iPhone comes with bigger surprises (which are quite anticipated).