Different advanced virtual headsets in 2017 to buy


Now it’s easier to get an experience to take their virtual steps at home. The best headsets are available including Samsung Gear VU, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift which are more powerful and with high end ones.

There are variety of technology in Headsets available that it’s difficult to choose one of them, contains apps to play, just need to plug in phones then will use to play video games and can also run the various computer. While buying a headset it will have to be decided that either want to get it for gaming or for virtual reality experience.

While buying a virtual reality headset the buyer must have to consider which technology he is already using. Because that’s not possible to attach virtual reality headset with  iPhone.

Different mobile phones that can be used to experience the virtual reality headsets are included in Huawei, Moto Z, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Asus Zenfone Ar can all be used for this purpose.

How much to pay to buy VR Headset

A budget of Google Cardboard virtual reality headset or similar device can be obtained on Amazon in just 15 pounds. Headsets for mobiles of  Google and Samsung can obtained at less price of 100 pounds. The PlayStation and Oculus Rift can be purchased at several hundred pounds, are more powerful virtual reality Headsets. The most expensive VR headset is HTC is of 750 pounds and a powerful  computer is required to use this headset.

There are many advanced and cheap virtual reality headsets that can be bought under 100 pounds. These are included in Google Daydream View which works with an Android and has a range of apps available and current price is 84.99 pounds on Amazon,  Samsung Gear VR which works with Samsung smartphones available at price of 99.99 pounds, Google Cardboard works with Android and iOS available at price of  pounds and Homido V2.

 Headsets under 500 pounds are included in Ocular Rift, and PlayStation VR. The luxury VR headsets is HTC Vive works with PC and Mac.