Latest version of Xbox providing the changing users interface


Xbox is modifying its user interface in a major way again, and the Xbox users can notice the latest switch now. There are a lot of changes shown by this new interface. Users as well as computers with windows 10 are using the Xbox app.

When users personally boot their console Xbox is the good way to help to launch their screen initially. The new changed interface by Xbox is used to custom their home screen that users can create their own by themselves. The games and the friends of users can pin up on home screen and contents can be moved up or down. It’s not like a title to add stuff on home screen but users can get the feed of blocks which are included in activity posts from developer of game and also notifications when relatives and friends of users are playing game at any instant of time.

 In windows 10 game bar is improved, has the facility that with a single click game mode can be enabled or disabled, which is used to optimize the performance of game. With the more immersive activity feed, Microsoft concentrated on arising the experience of community sharing.

Microsoft is surely seemed to rethink with the box interface, which can be a push to game players that if on resign them other one can be seen to take its place immediately. Xbox app is rolling out for insiders and users can get other major windows 10 and Xbox later in this year.

There is a nice change for  people bothering the unnecessary visual fluff when slide down in menu. The tabs are also featured in it for easy navigation whenever users want to go. When they want to call additional assets, My Games , social, Home, and App screens are unified with no unnecessary loadings .

It can be downloaded and install f user have selected to receive the update. There are not present  changes out of game installation and party charge fixes and the language is selected for it.