S8/S8+ Converges to Samsung’s Record-Breaking Success in Q1 2017


It’s been a while since Samsung learned the art of thriving and doing something better than its arch rivals. With its innovative products that sometimes have proven to be quirky and even dangerous (hint: Note 7), the tech giant is all set to raise the crown for the no. 1 spot.

According to the first quarter reports, Samsung has outdone itself by reclaiming the majority of the market share, i.e. 26.1 percent as compared to Apple’s 16.9 percent.

While S8/S8+ hasn’t been a success in the South Korea (Koreans love phones with more RAM and better processors), it has been doing pretty great outside of that. The US sales, according to BayStreet Research, have increased by 30 percent for Sprint, while a drop in sales for T-Mobile and no change on Verizon or AT&T. But according to TrendForce, much of the company’s success lies within the plethora of the low- and mid-range devices that Samsung produces.

“The economically priced, high-performing Galaxy J series sustained Samsung’s shipments and contributed significantly to the expansion of the brand’s overall smartphone production volume. Samsung was the only brand that saw positive growth in production volume during the off season of the first quarter.”

Samsung’s S8/S8+ comes with a very high screen to body ratio of 83.1% giving it its super-unique and mesmerizing looks that are hard to ignore. The nearly bezel-less design has allowed Samsung to come up with a gigantic display of 6.2 inches on the S8+ without being distressfully big.

We believed Samsung could have done a lot better, had they looked at improving their flagship phone from the inside too. The 4GB of RAM seems just a little too less when compared with 8GB on smartphones like One Plus 5. Plus, the camera seems just similar to the preceding device.