Sold for $22.6 Million! Aston Martin’s Turquoise Racing Legacy Has a New Owner


The James Bond’s favorite car company just recently drew some big bucks on their turquoise 1956 Aston Martin.

The record price for the auction was set at RM Sotheby’s Classic car auction that was held in Monterey, California. After one ferocious bidding war between different bidders, the bid was finally called in by an unknown buyer. And yes, the bid was made over the phone!

Previously, the most expensive car sold was just a year ago for a 1955 Jaguar D-Type. It was sold for $21.8 million.

But what is it about this Aston Martin that makes it worth $22.6 million? Probably, the bid took it too far but there are a few reasons why this car is so wanted.

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According to Sotheby, DBR1 was the most significant model in Aston Martin’s history. The one that was rolled out for the auction was the first one of the only 4 others that were ever made. One of the previous Bonds has driven a DB5 – a custom-built luxury model that was more about comfort than performance over a racing track.

The Austin Martin DBR1 has been equipped with a replica engine of the original DBR1 but the deal also includes the original engine. The seller had kept the original engine deeming it “too precious” to be used for racing.

The DBR1 has been preserved just as in period. From the bucket seats to the paint job, everything is in its original form.