Subway Surfers latest Tips, Tricks and Cheats


Subway surfers isn’t a dead tale; it’s still one of those games that people are fixated on, irrevocably. The desire to jump over the trains and making way through the obstacles while keeping a check on the guard is crazy stuff, of course! Well, there’s also a little doubt in the fact that we still love Subway Surfers for it was one of the most interesting free run games, obviously after Temple Run.

But if you just downloaded Subway Surfers in 2017 or want to relive those old days by obsessing over Subway Surfers once again, there are few important tips and tricks that you can follow. Let’s check them out:

  1. Stay up as much high as you Can

The most important factor if you want to make more score on Subway Surfers is to stay up as much high as you can. The trick is to jump over the trains and avoid the ground with obstacles. With the barricades, your mind could get confused between jumping and ducking. Then there are some of the obstacles that are unusually taller than the rest. So your best bet is to jump from train to train. Furthermore, jumping over the trains provide diagonal movement so you travel farther in lesser time; which means more score.

  1. Use The Best Hoverboard

Subway Surfers’ in-app store is full of hoverboards of all kinds. And if you are really into the game, you would easily know the difference between them. But if you don’t, try to pick the low-rider or bouncer hoverboards. The former doesn’t require you to duck through the obstacles while the bouncer is much like Sneakers on hoverboard so you can jump easily over the obstacles.

  1. Choose The Right Powerups

Use the right combos of Powerups. This means you will have to look at the right time. Maybe a 16x multiplier, plus a jetpack or hoverboard. The key is to never miss an opportunity and grab as many Powerups as possible while staying sanely focused. This is exactly where Subway Surfers gets crazy. It’s not unusual if you end by getting hit by something in an attempt to grab more Powerups. It’s always worthwhile to have lots of hoverboards in stock and getting yourself one during a multiplier.

  1. Save Up the Coins

Some of the top scorers have shit loads of coins. They don’t just randomly collect them but keep a check on how much coins do they need exactly to revive for a number of times. So do the math and save up coins as much as you can. This may require you to play the game obsessively before you could finally have that “Big Run”.