The deadly blue whale suicide challenge


    It was not long ago when there were computer games and video games, which proved to be very trendy, the dare and challenge games were not left behind. Most of them are dangerous, but the teenagers nowadays are very attracted to the dares and challenges.

     A blue whale challenge, which is most likely to be known as “blue whale suicide game”, raised up from a Russian social site called Vkontakte with “F57”; this belongs to a “death group” which is a well-known site for the first suicide of the year 2015. The game consists of 50 challenges to be completed in 50 days. A “curator” is the one who sends all the tasks and take all the pictures as an evidence of completed challenge, which contains all kind of them, including self-harm. These challenges are reported to be very dangerous as the VK administrator forces the teenagers to attempt suicide in the last challenge…

    ( Above Video Reference )

    Moreover, few months later a video appeared on YouTube which showed a Russian teenager guy who pretended to jump off a roof which was named as, “The plays Blue Whale jump from roof”, which was later deleted from YouTube, as the reports showed that it could be the reason of 130 deaths.

    Philipp Budeikin was the inventor of the game, who was a 21-year-old psychology student. His aim was to completely eliminate the citizens who had no value of their lives. He wanted to free the society from such people, moreover, he also approved that the game was invented because of his suffer from bipolar disorder; Philipp was guilty to the charges of encouraging 16 teenage girls to suicide. Later it was known by the court that the arrested teenager Philipp was mentally ill.

    One of a teenage boy who regained the interest of the game once again by jumping off the roof of the house, which forced the police to investigate the rest of the suicides of the teenagers if they are somehow connected to the blue whale game. Therefore, google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Microsoft and yahoo were requested to delete all the information and links related to the blue whale game by the Indian government.