The luxurious car Mercedes-Benz F 015


Mercedes-Benz F 015 is a new German car in 2017, made in German Mercedes Company and have good engine power.

Mercedes-Benz expert team said this car is a future scenario and fulfill all aspects in such mobile era. Including its mobility function, this self-driving car provides additional importance in society.

The car will have popularity among luxurious car lovers because of its cool and impressing internal and external appearance. The height of this new Mercedes Benz is 1524mm and 5220 mm length. It has security highlights and 26 inches wheels.

The door of 2017 Mercedes Benz F 015 opens to 90 degrees and is made of steel, aluminum, and plastic of carbon fiber and has a long base for wheels.

 F015 contains LED technology, 6-touch screen equipment inside and ensures the security and entertainment facilities. Seats are made of polished shining aluminum and leather.

 The F 015 is packed with advanced technology, can cover about 900 Km in presence of hydrogen fuel cell and pure electric power. 2017 Mercedes Benz F 015 is so advanced it looks like as we see in war movies. Its release date and price is not known until now.

F 015 had racked up tens of thousands of miles in the air, admitted by the engineer Thomas Jaeger. He further said people are interested to get this opportunity that what they have to do while moving on the road, in the car. They are not afraid of such cars that are interested in and said they are keenly interested in experiencing movies and games while moving on the road.

The actual price of F 015 is undercover and estimated to be $ 300,000 to $ 500,000. This new Benz F 015 of 207 will release in mid of 2017. People desiring and waiting for the new model car have the opportunity to get this best engine car. The six displays are installed inside the F 015 providing the perfect virtual world. The four seats present and passengers can interact by connecting their car, by making gestures and by using the high-resolution touch screens.