Volkswagen’s Electric Microbus is happening and we are Excited AF!


For years Volkswagen teased its fanboys with retro microbus concepts. People were going totally bonkers over the design surfacing the internet and wished to see the car on the roads one day.

It all changes today. VW has announced that they are actually going to come up with fully-electric microbus.

But the bad news is that the production won’t start until 2022. So this could mean another year before we could finally have one on the road. But according to some reports, we will have the I.D. Buzz in 2022.

The concept microbus I.D. Buzz” was revealed at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year and no one expected it to happen. But then Herbert Diess, Volkswagen’s Brand chief released the news that the company is actually pushing to get I.D. buzz on the production line.

About the I.D. Buzz, it will be an all-electric microbus that will run on VW’s “MEB” electric-car platform. With its clever packaging comprising of drivetrain component, I.D. Buzz will be super spacious just like its older counterpart. However, this one will meet the modern crash safety standards.

From the outside, the VW looks more like a cargo van, but on the inside, it’s a luxurious SUV.

If the Mystery Machine was ever to get the contemporary upgrade, this VW’s I.D. Buzz is what it could look like!