You can pre-order a limited Edition Xbox One X right now


A limited edition Xbox One X is available for pre-orders right now and if you are an Xbox fanboy who has been waiting to own the new Xbox One X, it’s better to have your hands on to the limited edition version that looks a lot sexier than its standard counterpart. The so-called “Project Scorpio”, the codename that Microsoft has been using for its next-gen beefed-up console.

The limited Edition Xbox One X will be having Project Scorpio accented on the top in a green font and a premium paint job all over the Xbox.

On the inside, the limited edition Xbox comprises of the same powerful specs as that of the standard Xbox One X – the specs that are capable of running games at full 4K resolution. And just like PS4 Pro, Xbox One X will have the ability to make non-4K games look better.

According to Microsoft, there will be more than 100 titles for the Xbox One X right away, including Fallout 4 and Rise of Tomb Raider. However, the company hasn’t disclosed the exact numbers for the limited edition console but Xbox Chief Marketing Officer Mike Nicholas said that if someone needs the Xbox One X limited edition, they better hurry.

Nicholas also believes that the demand for the limited edition Project Scorpio will outstrip the supply.

The important part is that the limited edition Xbox One X Project Scorpio comes at the same price as that of its standard edition. So hurry up and pre-order now!