5 bugs and glitches that we have found in the iOS 11 so far


Just like every other iPhone user, I was excited to try the latest iOS 11 as Apple had been boasting about it from a very long time as “the biggest iOS update ever”. Well, it’s already a week now since I updated my iPhone and I would say that I am not really happy with it! Even though I own an iPhone 7 Plus, I am not sure why the iOS 11 on it isn’t as smooth as the iOS 10. The Control Center that they were bragging about, it’s not even that cool, honestly. And trust me, all of this is coming from a guy that really, really loves iOS.

Apple has always been very smooth when it comes to iOS. You can actually feel that it’s very well-thought, intuitive and definitely easier to use OS. So probably, that’s one reason why I can’t take any minor bugs and glitches on the new iOS 11.

I came across a few bugs and some of them were recurring. I couldn’t take the screenshots for every glitch but you can try them yourself.

  1. The volume control buttons don’t change alerts or ringer sound

On the homescreen of iPhone, if you press the volume buttons that used to change the ringer sound, right? Well, it doesn’t anymore. You are going to change the “Volume” of the videos or audio played on the phone. For changing the volume of the ringer and alerts, you will need to get into the Settings of your iPhone. I don’t know know if it was there before, but you can search “Ringer and Alerts” in the Settings to get to that.

  1. Copy/pasting text in the Messages app is strange

Sometimes, when you paste a copied text into the Messages app and try to send it, you could see something like this to happen, forever, unless you close the app and try again:

The first time it happened, I ended up sending a dozen messages to my friend because the app sent all the messages after rebooting. Also, the Messages app has even given up on me a few times already so I had to reopen it.

  1. You can’t paste a phone number in the dialer

You can’t just copy/paste a phone number in the dialer. I was accidentally able to do it once but never after then. Go on, try it yourself. Such a shame that you can’t add a copied number to the dialer. But. Remember it’s happening only on my iPhone 7 Plus. I tried it on iPhone 5S/6 and iPhone 6S and it worked fine. I didn’t have another iPhone 7 Plus to try it on, so if you own an iPhone 7 Plus, do let me in the comments section if it works for you.

  1. You can’t turn off Data and Wi-Fi from the Control Center

The Control Center only disconnects data and Wi-Fi but doesn’t really turn them off. So you will have to again go to the Settings on your iPhone and turn them off from there. I don’t understand Apple wants us to do everything from the Settings. This is seriously annoying.

  1. My iPhone doesn’t feel as fast as before

I experience some minor lags while using the phone. For instance, the first time you turn on the torch on your iPhone, there could be a few milliseconds lag; very minor, but you could feel it.

  1. The Phone app gives up on you

The iOS 11 is definitely the biggest iOS update yet and that’s why they weren’t able to do it right. They have redone the entire OS but couldn’t just perfect in the first attempt. Here’s another picture below that tells how my iPhone sucks on the iOS 11.

Closing the app down and re-launching worked. So no hard feelings. Really.

What’s hot & What’s not

What’s hot

You can now open SoundCloud from the lockscreen

I use SoundCloud a lot. On the iOS 10, you couldn’t access the app from the lockscreen by tapping on it. This has to be the biggest news for me, honestly. It was such a pain in the butt to unlock the phone and then accessing the app from homescreen while the other way around was to access the music player from the Control Center, which then again, was annoying.

What’s not

The new control center doesn’t make a difference!

The the new Control Center isn’t really a very serious upgrade. Although you can add more shortcuts and it’s easier to access all them because of the bigger icons now. The volume and brightness control bars are also an improvement but that’s just about it.

New wallpapers aren’t that great

The new wallpapers are just too colorful for my palette. Of all the wallpapers, I have only been able to pick just one so far and I am not sure how long can I use it.

These are just some glitches and we can expect Apple to take care of them in a minor update. But till then, bear with it!

What’s with bold and Bigger text?

The font and font size has also been changed on the new iOS 11 particularly just to give that all new look. The bigger headings look awkward – more like a text malfunction. Don’t you guys hate it too? You are lucky if you don’t!