American Horror Season 7 is already here and even after the first episode has been aired already, the AHS fans are speculating what could there be in this one to bamboozle their senses. Well, this is the fun part about American Horror Story – too much speculation, too less known until the final release.

But there have been some obvious revelations made so far about the gruesome deaths, turns, and endless twists. It’s just enough when it comes to AHS.

Unlike the last year, where we had hardly any clue about Roanoke, this time, we know a lot more than just leaked news.

So here’s everything that you need to know about AHS S7.

What is this year’s theme?

Even though Ryan Murphy promises us back in the spring that the season 7’s theme will be disclosed, we aren’t in a very dissimilar situation to the last year.

However, Murphy has given us a few clues this time around; the show’s first teaser and Murphy’s comments hint at the possibility of the recent US elections having some connection with the show.

But even after that, Murphy comments make the whole plot oblivious. He says that even the show is going to be aired on the election night, the context is going to be quite allegorical. Also, you might get to see Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, but only on television.

Somewhere we have crazy doubts about Donald Trump funding the show and making it look like as he is not the bad side of the equation. But well, that’s just one fan theory. Haha.

Freak Show Characters Are Coming Back

Murphy also made a reference to Freak Show characters having a reappearance in the Season 7 but this time with “deeper histories and mythologies”.

What Does the concept Art Point at?

There have been two posters revealed so far for AHS S7, both of them pointing at the possibility of Freak Show elements echoing into the new show.

The elephant-monster makes a clear hint at the Republican party while the lower half of the mask reminiscent Twisty the Clown.

The other concept art reveals an envisage with two hands protruding out; one of which hints at Even Peter’s Lobster Boy from the Freak Show while the other six fingers signals are normally associated with the witchcraft. So there’s also a possibility of remnants of Coven. Also, it’s now confirmed that Jessica Lange won’t be returning for this season.

Who’s new and who’s back

Sarah Paulson, Billie Lourd, and Even Peters; they all have been confirmed for this season alongside Billy Eichner, Leslie Grossman, and Colton Haynes; however, there have been a few new entries including Cheyenne and Adina Porter who have also been seen on the sets.

But this also leaves fans agitated because of the uncertainty of their regulars making an appearance on the new show.

Have you checked out the first episode yet? It’s been aired already on September 5th. Episode 2 will be aired on September 12, 2017.