Hurricane Irma: From movies to the real world – Are we seriously going down the end line?


Earlier this Sunday, Hurricane Irma set multiple records of its ferocity and intensity – leaving everyone, including meteorologists fearful. The storm has been Category 5 mostly with the wind speed exceeding 180 miles per hour. And it’s been now over 40 hours – Hurricane Irma doesn’t seem to hold back at all!


And just two weeks ago, Hurricane Harvey brought a calamity of extreme rainstorm in the Houston area. Hurricane Irma, however, is expected to landfall and hit Florida. But it has already annihilated parts of northern Leeward Islands, and particularly the Caribbean, leaving over 20 dead, already.

With Hurricane Irma, more than 6.5 million have been displaced marking the greatest-ever evacuations in US history.

Hurricane Irma has also been considered as one of the strongest storms to have befallen the Atlantic Ocean.

Irma in Naples

Hurricane Irma has already blasted Naples, Florida with winds bursting at 142 miles per hour. But it’s the water of the beaches and canals that’s rising anomalously. The tide gauges are showing a crazy vertical line as it’s registering an earthquake.


According to meteorological predictions, the storm is expected to flood the area with as much as 10-15 feet above it’s normal fry ground level – which is expected to cause a devastating impact and damage.

The flood emergencies were already issues on Sunday. The National Hurricane Center has issues a “flash food emergency”, reiterating to people how serious the situation has turned out to be.

In the warning, the center said, “This is a flash flood emergency for collier county. this is a particularly dangerous situation. evacuate vertically now! some locations that will experience flooding include… Naples, Marco island, Chokoloskee, and Everglades city,”

Power outages

The power outage has now been extended to over a million people in Florida.

A devastating sight

Just within a few weeks, the US has been hit with history’s most appalling storms and this isn’t normal! The mother nature is furious at us for all the damage that we have done to it – it’s the payback time. Maybe, Trump can take his words back about calling climate change a Chinese Hoax. Well, it’s time to realize that China didn’t make this up to make U.S. manufacturing less competitive, Mr. Trump!

Down the lane a decade from now, the outcome of global warming and climate changes are going to be even more devastating, unless, we get hold of everything, redesign national policies and make them more favorable for the environment. Or the day isn’t far that the prophecy of “The Day After Tomorrow” will fulfill on us. And that day won’t be pretty either!

Want to help the environment, it’s time to start from you. HowStuffWorks has some pretty good advice for you.


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