iPhone X vs. iPhone 8: iPhone has a new competitor and it’s not Samsung


Apple’s September 12th event has left an impact on us – techies meticulously showing off the new iPhone(s) and leaving us in awe for the most. But in the end, there was also a question that many of us were left with: If I get the new iPhone, which one would that be? An iPhone 8? iPhone 8 Plus? Or the ridiculously gorgeous and pricey iPhone 10/X? Which now means: iPhone has a new competitor in the market, and it’s the iPhone.

And while it may seem that the new iPhones are going to cannibalize each other’s sales, that’s not going happen. Apple is smart and they have successfully segregated the two iPhones through the pricing and feature set.

iPhone X Comes with So Much More and A Much Bigger Price Tag than the iPhone 8

There were already enough leaks prior to Apple’s this year’s official event that most of us already knew what was coming [Check out our predictions for the Apple’s Launch Event]. Even experts were able to rightly guess the prices of the new iPhones.

If you compare the iPhone 10 with the iPhone 8, the whopping $999 price tag somewhere gets justified. But still, let’s discuss why you might want to buy the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X – or even not!

Why iPhone 8?

  • It’s the cheaper of all three but comes with some of Apple’s latest upgrades, like the bionic A11 chipset, a glass back, Qi-compatible wireless charging.
  • You get the same 12-megapixel camera available on the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.
  • The iPhone 8 is still going to be the favorite iPhone for users who don’t want their phone to be too big.
  • iPhone 7 case still fits.

Why Not iPhone 8?

  • There’s only one camera on the phone, so there’s not going to be the Portrait Lighting feature or the Apple’s Portrait mode.
  • The 4.7-inch display is just too small considering smartphone manufacturers are coming up with whopping big, edge-to-edge displays. Also, the resolution is much lower at just 1334 x 750.
  • The battery is smallest of the three, so you will still need to make that inevitable compromise that you have been making with every one of the previous iPhones.


Why iPhone 8 Plus?

  • Apart from the different dimensions and a new display, iPhone 8 Plus has literally everything that iPhone X offers. It has dual cameras, wireless charging and can even do the same cool Portrait Lighting effects as the iPhone X.
  • The home button’s familiarity and the convenience of Touch ID could be one of the reasons why you still want to stick with the iPhone 8 Plus. From where I see this, not everyone would want to unlock their phone by having to look at it.
  • The iPhone 8 Plus comes with the best battery of all three iPhones.
  • iPhone 7 Plus case still fits.

Why Not iPhone 8 Plus?

  • The 256GB variant of the iPhone 8 Plus costs just around the iPhone X.
  • The display on the iPhone 8 Plus is not as impressive as the iPhone X’s OLED screen.

Why iPhone X?

  • There’s a newly engineered OLED, 5.8-inch, edge-to-edge display for the iPhone X, which is as mesmerizing as it could get. In fact, Apple has gone so bezel-less with their screen that no other smartphone manufacturer has been able to achieve – only the notch on the top doesn’t get the screen because of the camera and sensors. But that just a very tiny area.
  • The OLED display is more efficient with better contrasts, color saturation, and higher pixel density of 458 ppi. It can’t just get any better when it comes to the display on iPhone X.
  • The iPhone X packs the biggest screen of all three models with a much smaller form factor. Measuring just slightly more than iPhone 8, it has a bigger display. So you don’t only get the comfort of iPhone 7, but a huge display that’s better than iPhone 8 Plus.
  • The Face ID is a leap forward. It’s futuristic and super amazing. If it’s about me, I would definitely want my iPhone to automatically unlock at a glance rather than having to press the home button. It just makes everything so much easier and obviously, cooler. According to Apple, the Face ID has a one-in-a-million chance of getting fooled by masks.
  • There are some pretty loads of sensors used to make the Face ID possible and those same sensors have also been used for Apple’s new Animoji – emojis that mimic your facial expressions. They are pretty cool, trust me! Then, there’s also the portrait mode and Portrait Lighting for the selfie camera.
  • On the back, there’s a dual, 12-megapixel camera. Not just the cameras have better aperture than the iPhone 8 Plus (f/2.4 vs. f/2.8), but now, both cameras have optical image stabilization. That’s not the case with the iPhone 8 Plus.

Why Not iPhone X?

  • It’s the most expensive iPhone ever!
  • There’s no Touch ID or home button which means you will be required to look at the screen every time to unlock your phone. Well, at least, I would don’t mind that.
  • The multitasking and the new swipe-down-from-the-right notification gesture seem a little awkward and may require a little getting used to.
  • The notch on the front is going to be there all the time. While that may not obstruct with the functionality of the apps but it could get a little awkward while playing the videos in landscape orientation.
  • Even the AppleCare+ is more expensive but never mind, I never got one before either!
  • You will have to wait until November 3 to get one.