Siri ends its friendship with Bing, makes Google the new best friend!


Your Siri search results will no longer be coming from Bing. Das right! Google search results are finally coming to Siri.

It’s sad but Apple is dumping Bing for Google and not just on Siri but Spotlight on Mac OS and Search inside iOS, as per Tech Crunch.

According to Apple, the switch was made on the iPhone to provide users a more “consistent web search experience” as Google is now the default search engine on Safari browser (Apple has even signed an annual $3 billion deal with Google for that).

But. Google still won’t be getting the entire pie as Bing will still be used for image search results on Siri. Ta-da!

Apple first started using Bing for Siri on iOS 7 in 2013. At the time, there was a tussle between Google and Apple over the YouTube app so Microsoft cashed in the opportunity. But now things have changed and everything seems to be in Google’s favor.

The news for “Google on Siri” came along the latest macOS High Sierra update, so your search results on Safari browser will now be powered by Google. The iOS 11 update also comes with Google search results for Siri.

We tried the new Siri and found something very interesting, that we will be sharing soon.

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