Snapchat’s new sky-changing filters makes the app even cooler


Snapchat’s filters are one major reason why we love this app. And that’s something even the company knows and loves to monetize on.

Your boring snaps won’t be boring anymore. Snapchat’s sky-changing filters make every snap look picturesque. With the “Sky filters”, you can add sunsets, rainbows, clouds and even stars to photos with skies in them.

The Sky Filters work just like others filters of Snapchat are expected to change regularly. You can experiment with the filters by pointing your phone’s camera to the sky and swiping across a photo – pretty much how you do it always on Snapchat.×534/filters:quality(90)/

Well, the app automatically detects the sky in the back and even the effects will appear automatically.

Sky filters didn’t first come on Snapchat; World Lenses introduced them a while back. But there’s a lot of difference between the two. The World Lenses filters are cartoon-like – animated overlays on a picture. Then, they work in real time as they do on Snapchat. Also, the Snapchat filters are way too realistic; In fact, amazing.

Snapchat has given just another reason to notch up your boring photos, which means, you could be expecting an influx of Snapchat Stories soon from your friends and family.

Do you use Snapchat? Let us know what you think about its new sky filters.