If you have been looking for the right iPhone monitoring app or the best spy app for iPhone, then we are here to help you out – ensuring that you find what you are looking for.

#4.Mobile Spy
#8.Teen Safe
#10.Auto-Forward Spy
#11.Highster Mobile

What to look for in the best iPhone monitoring app?

There are many factors that one should consider before getting a spyware for iPhone. The price, features, performance, compatibility and even customer support, they all add up to a spyware for iPhone depending on how much they score in each category.  If you are looking for spyware for iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 spy app, we have got that covered too. So make sure to carefully read till the end so you don’t miss out on our valuable analysis.

Let’s begin out top 10 iPhone monitoring apps reviews:

Note: The apps are numbered according to their rank on our list.


You may not see this iPhone 7 spy app for iPhone on other top 10 spy apps for iPhone reviews but we know how valuable TheOneSpy is when you are looking for a simple yet effective spyware for iPhone. TheOneSpy comes with some of the best features available on a spyware app for iPhone, while keeping it easy to use.

The only downside to this You can get TheOneSpy is that it’s only available for Jailbreak devices so you won’t be able to to use it on the latest iPhone devices that run on iOS 9 or above. So if you want to spy on an iPhone 7 or 6, you better look for something else.


Xnspy offers eclectic spying features that go beyond the basic phone monitoring. You can take remote screenshots, record calls, and surroundings, and even remotely wipe phone data on the monitored device. The best part is that Xnspy offers all these features without charging a premium for other iPhone spying apps.

The app works entirely in stealth mode so you never have to worry about getting caught spying on someone. Xnspy’s Basic version is available from $8.33 while the Premium one costs just about $12.5. The iPhone spy app works either with or without jailbreaking iOS devices which is another benefit of using this app over others.

3. MSpy

If you want an app that moderately does the job of cell phone monitoring, then MSpy has it all. It’s your best bet at getting an iPhone spy app no Jailbreak at a very tiny price of just $8.33/month. MSpy could have come on the top but we believe that the more feature an iPhone surveillance app has, the better it gets in terms of spying.

MSpy isn’t loaded with features but it does come with what we call the “Necessities” for iPhone monitoring apps. You can use it to spy on the phone logs of the person. If you want the best iPhone spy software on a budget, then you have got that in MSpy.

MSpy is the most-trusted app to spy iPhone without Jailbreak. Also, there are few spy apps that have yet provided a no-jailbreak solution for their app.

4. Mobile Spy

This app has cheap subscription packages that are coupled with Mobile Spy’s great performance. We have known this app for a while and Mobile Spy has always lived up to its reputation as one of the best iPhone spy software that’s available on the market these days. The unique thing about Mobile Spy is that it monitors the target device for any gambling apps installed. So if your spouse has an addiction to gambling, this iPhone 6 spy app could tell you that.

Mobile Spy comes for $49.97 for three months’ subscription which makes it very affordable when compared with the best iPhone monitoring software.

5. MobiStealth

MobiStealth is our favorite app because it has a very small list of disgruntled clients. The rest; all seem to be pretty happy with what MobiStealth offers. For iPhone monitoring apps to be in the business and that too without having any many negative reviews simply reflect on the quality and performance.

The amazing feature on MobiStealth is its reverse look-up, using which, you can search for any related texts, emails, IM chats, etc. for a phone contact. With MobiStealth, you can always keep your eyes on particular contacts on your partner’s list.

6. TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy doesn’t have any standout feature except for that it’s very reliable for cell phone spying. It’s one of those apps that delivers what it promises – nothing more, nothing less. TheTruthSpy focuses on providing phone logs monitoring that includes Contacts list, call logs and texts. Other features include location tracking and multimedia access. It’s not the best spy app for iPhone but it deserves to be on our top 10 spy apps for iPhone list.

TheTruthSpy doesn’t come with a dent in your wallet. The yearly subscription costs $115 which isn’t for the Basic version. However, the app also has Premium and Gold packages available so you should really expect a downgraded version of the app on its basic version.

7. Flexispy

If you are willing to spend big but also to get big features in return, then Flexispy has what it takes to be the top spyware for iPhone. Flexispy comes with features like call recording, live call interception, remotely accessing front camera of an iPhone 6/7, taking screenshots remotely and so on.

By getting Flexispy, you get not just the basic features that every other iPhone surveillance app provides but also the premium ones aforementioned. Flexispy’s Extreme package that has it all comes at a whopping price of $350 for a year’s subscription. And if you have been looking for hidden spy apps for iPhone, Flexispy is the master of disguise.

8. Teen Safe

Don’t get confused by this app’s name. Teen Safe is one great iPhone spy app no Jailbreak solution. The reality is that you can spy on iPhones only without jailbreak these days because the jailbreak versions aren’t available for iOS 9 or above unless you want to spy an older iOS device.

Teensafe spies on the location in real time, provides phone logs like calls, SMS, emails and even stored multimedia, emails, web browsing history and installed apps list.

The best part is that Teen Safe comes at a very affordable price of $15/month.

9. Spyera

Spyera also makes it to our top 10 spy apps for iPhone list and the reason is its one unique feature that we couldn’t find on other spy apps. Well, Spyera can spy on all the major phone logs like calls, texts, emails, internet browsing history, contacts and calendar entries. But what’s different on this spyware for iPhone is how it can track the passwords of all the emails and applications on the target device.

Obviously, this isn’t really cool for someone whose passwords are stolen but if it’s your child who you are spying on, it would totally make sense to log into their social media profiles.

This spyware app for iPhone doesn’t come cheap just because of its this one feature. You get the 3-month subscription for $189, and there are no monthly packages available either.

Jailbreak is mandatory for this app.

10. Auto-Forward Spy

Auto-forward Spy is just another spy app for iPhone that requires a jailbreak to work. The app makes it to the last of our list because this is a fairly new app. So far, we haven’t been able to get a hands-on experience with this app so we will update you once again, soon.

The app starts at a price of $69 and can be used without jailbreaking the target device.

11. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is different in many ways and somewhere we wanted it to share the same spot as Flexispy. Highster Mobile is the best spyware for iPhone 6 because it requires a jailbreak. However, it does come with some great features just like Flexispy. You can remotely access the monitored iPhone’s camera and even microphone.

The app comes with all other features like phone logs spying, email monitoring and so on. The biggest difference comes in the form of a one-time fee of $69.99 which makes it worth your money. The other reason why we recommend Highster Mobile is because it can remotely uninstall the spyware for iPhone from the target device.