Top 3 boyfriend spy apps to catch a cheater


It’s never a good idea to spend your life with someone who was never meant for you, or a person who was never yours. But most of the times nowadays, it’s difficult to know all that. Deception, lies and the desire to share the bed gives a person many reasons to lie and pretend to be in love. And if you aren’t into hookups and want a relationship that could last for an indefinite period of time, it’s important that you find a boyfriend that’s serious about you. Meanwhile, if you already have a partner, you can use a boyfriend spy app to catch a cheater.

But if you are wondering “how do I track my boyfriend’s phone?”, we have got you covered. With this article, you will be able to dispel cheaters out of your life. We don’t want to make it sound harsh, but it’s so much better to be alone than be with someone who pretends to be a person that he isn’t. Or with a person who never loved you back and just waited all these months and years to get into your pants.

Don’t be silly, get a boyfriend spy app ASAP. We have picked the top 3 apps to catch a cheater. They all are different in their own way and offer a wide array of features. However, they also cost a subscription fee so it’s worthwhile to get down for a while and read everything that’s written below. For every app, we will cover the major features, pricing, performance (ability to snoop) and compatibility.

Let’s get started then.

Note: We won’t be covering individually how these apps work because they all require physically downloading the app on the phone that you wish to spy on.


Flexispy is the right call if you want to catch a cheater, hands down! It’s pretty advanced and smooth and works across different mobile platforms including iOS, Android and even Symbian and Windows devices. But there’s more to this app and that’s why we have it on the top of our list.


Flexispy offers a few quirky ways to spy on boyfriend’s phone. It offers some exclusive features that no other spy app has been able to provide as of yet.

Live Calls Interception: Other spy apps record calls, this one intercepts them live, so you could listen to them without having to wait even a bit. This feature is a WANT for really sneaky players. But don’t worry, you can record calls too so you could use them later.

Take a picture using the camera: This is something that you won’t find on any other boyfriend spy app.  If you are wondering “how do I spy on my boyfriend and know if he is sneaking around with someone?”, then your best bet is to get Flexispy and take pictures using the front camera of your boyfriend’s phone.

Hide from Application List/Task Manager: Spy apps are discreet but not as much as Flexispy. For other spy apps, you may still be able to see the spy application (with some not very obvious name though) on the Installed Apps list. However, for Flexispy, the whole plan is foolproof.

Extensive instant messaging spying: If you have time on you, there’s so much that you can read and spy on when you have your boyfriends instant messaging chats or text messages. Flexispy spies on literally every major IM app.


Flexispy comes at a whopping price of $350/year for its Extreme Version. You will only be getting most of the aforementioned features with the Extreme version of the app.


mSpy is more of an affordable app to catch a cheater. It’s not as powerful as Flexispy but it isn’t as expensive either. If you are new to the spying spectrum or if you look forward to spying on the limited amount of phone logs on your partner’s phone, then mSpy does the job pretty well without putting a dent in your wallet.


  • You can record calls: No live interception but the auto call recorder is there. Which means you can spy on boyfriend’s phone and listen to who they call. You can also download the recorded calls and listen to them later.
  • You can read texts and IMs: You can read all the text messages and instant messages sent and received on your boyfriend’s phone.
  • You can view browsing history: If you are worried that your boyfriend could be addicted to porn or uses Omegle or reads articles on “10 ways to kill my girlfriend”, then you can view their browsing history and even saved bookmarks.
  • You can take a remote screenshot: For when you are doubtful about what your partner is up to on his phone, you can always take a screenshot and see that for yourself.


We don’t have a hands-on experience using the Extreme features of Flexispy but we do know a lot about mSpy. It’s one of those apps that won’t screw you up. And as far as Flexispy is concerned, there have been numerous complaints on the internet about its poor performance, especially with the premium features.


mSpy is available for $199 for a year’s subscription which is pretty less than $350. You can also get the basic version of the app which is available for as low as $99/year.

Mobile Spy

If you are looking for the most affordable solution for spy on boyfriend’s phone, then look out for Mobile Spy as this app has everything that you would need to spy on your partner’s phone. Mobile Spy is quite much like mSpy but most customers generally prefer to go with the latter as it offers very good customer support and better customer satisfaction. But there are other differences too. Like you can’t record calls or take a remote screenshot of your boyfriend’s chats. So you can quite say that Mobile Spy is the equivalent of mSpy’s Basic version in which case, mSpy is a better option.


  • You can access all major phone logs: You can spy on calls, text messages, emails, internet browsing history, and calendar of your boyfriend.
  • Multimedia: All photos and videos stored on your boyfriend’s phone; you can them.
  • Location tracker: You can monitor his location wherever he goes with location tracking from Mobile Spy.


If you don’t want to overspend on a spy app then mSpy is your safest bet. It’s one of those apps that won’t disappoint or get your caught. Meanwhile, Flexispy is the best way to catch a cheater because there’s nothing that stays hidden from you when you have this spy app.