We all women, at some point in our lives, think of doing something about that bulging belly of ours, or the widened hips and waistline. However, most of us don’t think of switching to a healthier routine until it’s too late – when it feels like there are very fewer chances of success.

But even then if do take a seldom oath of resorting to a healthier regime, it’s the diet and meal planning that puts us down. In the beginning, there’s passion and flare to get fit and healthy and to lose some pounds, but after a while, the taste buds completely give up on you; they beg you not to down even a single more bite of that bland grilled chicken or the teriyaki salad.

But don’t’ be sad – if you are reading this, you have found yourself a way not to quit. Honestly, meal planning is the core of any health regime and if you want to bring a change in your body, both intrinsically and extrinsically, then it’s time to learn about the importance of meal planning.

All this time, I tried a few different meal planners, but it’s only when I used the power of digital aggrandizement to my advantage that I was finally able to plan and prepare my meals perfectly. These are my top 3 picks:

Copy Me That


This basic meal planner is available for free both on Android and iOS devices. Within the app, you can find recipes, recipe clippers, and recipe tags so you can organize everything better. You can even add your own recipes, and even make a shopping list for groceries.

The best part, of course, is the meal planner, so you can have plan whole week’s meals in a go. This way, you can ensure that you aren’t clung to only a bunch of dishes.

Plan to Eat


This one is an online meal planner (no mobile app though) that works a bit differently to Copy Me That. Rather than just giving you a space to plan your meals, Plan to Eat lets you organize your recipes and add them to a calendar. But what’s different is that it automatically creates a shopping list on the basis of the recipes that you have chosen. This way, you also save on the grocery shopping and better streamline the meal planning process.

Plan to Eat comes with a 30-day free trial. They don’t bait you into paying which is the best part. You can sign up for the free trial without providing your credit card details.



Eating healthy is a choice that comes with loads of trade offs. Your grocery list gets bigger and so does the shopping bills. But I believe that when you put so much into getting healthy, it’s worthwhile to spend a little on reliable and effective meal planners too.

Paprika is different in many ways. It lets you plan meals not just for a week but the entire month. And just like Copy Me That, Paprika comes with a mobile application but offers better OS compatibility. You can use the app on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and even Kindle Fire.

What I love about Paprika is how it syncs my data on multiple devices so if I plan something using my computer, I can easily access it through my iPhone too. Then the recipes are also much better and the grocery list sorting is more intuitive, i.e. it comes with better categorization.

Paprika is available for $4.99.