Britain proved to be poorer than our expectations


One of the most well-known country Britain has collapsed. It has proved that the rich Britain was only an unrealistic dream. The Britain has been expecting to have 469bn, which turns out to be only 22bn, which is quite shocking. Their office of national statistics has re-checked which has proved to be much lower than they ever expected.

This is value is quarter than the UK market in all. It is reported that many of the foreign investments have been committed, whereas they have fallen recently, moreover the economy has seemed to be increasing which made people buy even more sterling and hence, it was just a rumor. Britain has lost all the assets and stock of wealth, said by Gemma Godfrey while reporting with the LBC.

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The UK has lost control of all the reserved assets. Therefore, it seems that Britain is not ready for the Brexit deal and Chancellor Philip Hammond has been in a serious under pressure of clearing out the event of elimination from the European Union without a deal which is believed to cause reduction of the Gross Domestic Production by &.8 percent. He is looking forward to facing the outcomes of this cause.

 It has been announced by the bank of New York Mellon currency strategist through the telegrapher that: The outflows from the UK began in the mid- August.

In order to lose any kind of safety margins, Ms. May is going to have talks with the chief of European Union negotiator, Michael Barnier and Jean Claude Junker who is the current president of the European Union commission right after few days of no deal. The massive loss of UK is the most shocking news for the market around the world and a big embarrassment for the government of UK.

The government has to face many uprising questions from everyone that, how the measures of national income are so inaccurate and how the net has been allowed to disappear in such a way. The saviors of the UK has been the foreign sectors and if they do not support, then the most compelling question would be if the foreign sector does not provide help, who will be the substitute for them? If the foreign sectors are not the current saviors anymore, the government is in no position, therefore, what is going to happen in the UK market?