Consumers got free energy in Germany as Wind Power Generated 39K MW output over the weekend


This weekend, Germany produced record-breaking energy through Wind Power leading to free energy for the consumers. Bloomberg reported that the wind turbines produced so much energy that it led to negative billing on Saturday. It’s also reported that the wind energy output reached 39,409 megawatts.

In response to the overwhelming power production, energy producers shut down their power stations; in fact, they had to pay the consumers for the extra electricity from the network.

According to Bloomberg, the electricity was negative not just for a few hours but for the entire day. Wind Europe that promotes wind energy in Europe said in a press release that the European wind energy has reached a new record this October.

Wind Europe that daily tracks the wind power in Europe said that the 24 percent of Europe’s energy requirement was powered by wind energy on Saturday. This is the highest percentage ever recorded! The previous record was 19 percent on October 7, 2017.

Of the 24 percent, onshore power accounted for 21.8 percent while offshore accounted for 2.8 percent. In Germany, 61 percent of the electricity demand was powered by wind.

Wind Europe acknowledges the extensive wind energy expansion and also the weekend’s weather.

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