Khamenei calls Trump ‘Mentally Retarded’ – Warns Trump Not to ‘Tear up’ the Deal


The Iran’s Supreme Leader has made a quite a pissed-off statement calling Trump ‘mentally retarded’ and also urged the Europe to help them back the 2015 Nuclear deal as the US president has refused to re-certify the pact. But Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has responded with a staunch answer, iterating that they are not in a weak position; Trump needs to get his head straight and do something about the re-certification.

The Iranian market has got a lot of support from European companies since the landmark accord; Khamenei believes that all of this could be used as a leverage to protect the nuclear deal.

Ayatollah didn’t hold himself back from making comments. He said on his official website: “The European governments have underlined the nuclear deal’s issue and condemned the US president’s remarks. We welcome this approach but it is not enough that they only tell him not to tear up the deal. The nuclear deal is to their benefit”.

He also said: I will not spend time to respond to the nonsensical comments by the foul-mouthed president,” and referred to Mr. Trump and his administration as “mentally retarded”.

Khamenei even warned the US that “if Trump tears up the deal, we will shred into pieces”.

About Iran’s European deals, there’s a lot that’s happening. The country has recently signed billions of dollars in sales agreements with European Aviation Consortium Airbus. State-run China National Petroleum Corporation and France’s Total SA signed a $5 billion agreement to work on developing country’s off-shore natural gas field. Renault, the French auto-manufacturer also signed a $778 million deal.

So far Trump has only said he de-certified the pact because Iran violated their part of the deal multiple times. However, the pact has been withdrawn and is left to Congress’s discretion.