More iPhone 8 Plus Battery Swelling issues are soaring up


Initially, it was thought to have been just a one-off case of iPhone battery swelling—but that’s not really how it’s getting. More and more reports are emerging about iPhone 8 Plus’s battery malfunctioning which is causing the screen to swell out of the phone.

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So far, we have 9 reported cases from China, Canada, Greece and Hong Kong. It’s not as worse as the Note 7 fiasco but it’s iPhone that we are talking about and they don’t do it wrong. Let’s look at some of them.

The Next Web covered the story of two Asian owners (from Taiwan); one of them had has phone split up just after days of use. According to the owner, she had used the original charging code, and just after a minutes’ charge, the phone started swelling. She immediately pulled the charger but it was too late.

The other story is a little weird. The guy got his phone swelled up out of the box. The simple explanation to all of this is the battery swelling but no one knows as of yet, not even Apple, what’s causing this trouble.

The third person is Chris Ogden from New York who has got his iPhone 8 Plus 256GB super-jacked after a week’s use only. However, Ogden’s story is different from the rest. Unlike others, he used a Qi wireless charging pad from Anker with Apple’s genuine lighting cord. It was the first story that we know so far where the phone was broken due to wireless charging. Well, that’s obviously not the charger at fault.

Ogden told Mashable that he got the replacement on his faulty device right away at no extra cost. The Apple workers told him that they are going to send the damaged phone so Apple could run some tests.

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There’s another story of battery swelling posted by a Reddit User Itsrishabh, he claimed that his father received his iPhone 8 Plus device that had already burst inside the box. No further information that Reddit user has been revealed so far.

An Apple spokesperson even told Mashable that the company is stringently looking into the issue.

 As the total number of cases has risen to nine, it’s still isn’t a big figure when you something is mass produced to iPhone level—such few hiccups are irrevocable—sometimes, it’s the software and sometimes, the hardware.

Even though we don’t believe that iPhone 8’s battery soaring issue will be as bad as what happened to Note 7 but still, we never know how contagious this issue is. Maybe, Apple is just getting paid for its sins when it flaunted during Note 7’s failure.

Nevermind though! Our eyes are stuck to the new iPhone X. We will wait till that one hit the stores.

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