Obama’s Photographer has revealed trumps claim of Obama for not inviting dead soldier’s family with moving pictures


Barrack Obama’s photographer has recently charged in rebutting the claim of Trump that, families of the passionate soldiers who were martyred in the action were not invited or consoled. There was an attempt of subtle digs on Donald trump by sharing a picture on Instagram by Pete Souza, which explained Obama and First lady Michelle Obama comforting, and solacing the family of the First Class Army Sergeant named Jared C Monti.  The caption under the photo said, “the nation’s highest award for military valor”.

As Jared had been martyred in Afghanistan 2006, whereas this was one of the first Medals of Honor awarded by Obama during his 8 years of service for the nation.

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It has been recorded that Barack Obama has hosted a breakfast with John Kelly, the current chief of White House for the families of martyred soldiers. “You could ask Gen.kelly, did he get a call from Obama?” said by the trump in order to defend his claim. Therefore, the breakfast was held in May 2011, which was 6 months later than the death of Kelly’s son.

Mr. Trump was being questioned for the reason he was still silent from the deaths of 4 soldiers after 12 days. Therefore, as a result news was risen up, explaining that Donald Trump is going to send letters to the families whose sons have died on October 4 in Niger, whereas he had taken excessive steps to further honor the deaths properly.

Hence, it is proven that the former presidents have not left any chances to honor the wounded soldiers and honoring the families of the soldiers who were martyred. America has never stayed behind from honoring their soldiers no matter if it is on letters, phone calls or invitation to further solace them.

There were much oppositions for Donald Trump from the families of martyred soldiers however, they do respect Barack Obama and more presidents, the Gold star family has described when their brother’s remains were brought to them from the Iraq war saying President George W Bush, “ Listened while I Screamed at him and then he held as I sobbed.

There were many attempts of criticism for Trump on the social media by the former Cabinet. Moreover, this tweet has been shared around 120,000 times, which was a big embarrassment for the government.