Russia is funding $2.5m to Taliban every month for anti-NATO activities


New reports have emerged, claiming that Russia has been heavily funding the Taliban so they could carry anti-NATO activities in Afghanistan. According to the Times, Russia has been delivering fuel worth around $2.5 million to the militant group.

A Taliban told the newspaper: We sell the fuel on and distribute the money directly to our commanders. Accepting money from the Russians is not something we like doing, but it is necessary at this stage of our jihad.” “I just deal with the finances of a few Taliban commanders in one sector in one province. I transfer them the money and then account for its distribution. But there are many other people like me,” he further added.

The aforementioned Taliban treasurer also said that the Russians have been supplying them with fuel from last 18 months for free and that too after paying the import duty. The fuel is sold through front companies in Afghanistan.

This is the first time in all these years that the Taliban has admitted the Russians support in Afghanistan. A senior advisor to the Taliban leadership in Pakistan told the Times that the Russians had no faith in the Afghani government neutralizing the ISIS in Afghanistan. He also explained three reasons for why Russians are supporting the Taliban: To defeat ISIS, to humiliate NATO and to disassemble the UN-supported Afghan government.

There are 13000 NATO troops inside Afghanistan.