Tesla Is Delaying the Semi Truck and It’s Somehow Good for Them


In April 2017, Elon Musk, CEO Tesla (TSLA), tweeted about his company’s plan for producing electric semi truck. The semi was then expected to be unveiled by September 2017. But just last month, Musk gave a hint that they could be delaying the semi truck unveiling by October 26. But on October 6, the date was further moved down to November 16, explaining that the company is diverting its resources to cover for the Model 3 bottlenecks.

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Entering into the commercial-vehicle space is going to be big for Tesla. Not only are heavyweight vehicles a much bigger investment but they are also a lot more profitable than cars. But this all will require Tesla to engage loads of resources, which they are, right now, diverging towards the deliveries of Tesla’s Model 3 because that’s only how they can keep the optimism of the investors alive. So it’s hardly rare that Tesla could try out something before actually dealing with production bottleneck of its Tesla Model 3.

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From 2018, Tesla plans to produce 500,000 units every year which is almost about 5 times more than their current annual production. For this, Tesla can’t afford any production upheavals but at the same time, needs to be well prepared for how they are going to take care of this.

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About Tesla entering into heavyweight vehicles industry, it’s worthwhile to look at the immense competition that the company is going to face from legacy automakers like Ford, General Motors, Toyota and Fiat Chrysler.


Tesla has big plans but it seems like Elon Musk is quite a daydreamer. Delaying the dates for Semi Truck unveiling is just one of the many things that have happened in the past, including the production outbreaks; hinting why the company needs to understand what they can actually achieve. We will see if the production goes up to 500,000 units in 2018 or if it’s just another fat promise.


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