The new PS VR headset is coming with some design and spec upgrades


Sony is coming with a New PS VR headset that’s just a bit nicer than the last one. The first-gen PlayStation VR was released in October 2016 and it didn’t really wow the masses. The Move controllers and the tracking system was a serious turn off considering Sony has taken its console to a whole new crazy level.

Therefore, the company decided that they need to improve the VR headset and make it a better match with the PlayStation. The new PS VR headset, called CUH-ZVR2, has looked into the problems and managed to deliver a decent solution.×490/landscape-1467634338-playstation-vr-camera-and-move-controllers.jpg

These are the changes on the new PS VR headset:

  • There original PS VR processing unit doesn’t support HDR content. So someone who has an HDR TV has to disconnect the processing unit. But the new processing unit takes care of that with an HDR pass through. However, if someone plans to get the new headset to enjoy the HDR pass-through feature, they will need to get the entire setup.
  • Then, it also has an integrated stereo headphone cables, which means, a slightly less clutter.

There’s no exact date for the launch as of yet but the price for the new PS VR bundle will remain same as the previous one, i.e. $399 and include a camera and PS VR headset.

These aren’t major increments to the PS VR headset, so if you already have one, congratulations, yours isn’t getting obsolete any sooner.