Top 5 action movies of 2017 that you have to watch now!


Actions movies are fun; action-packed and adrenaline-pumping. A good action movie is always worth a watch. In fact, you could always re-watch such movies because of all those action scenes. But before you head on to the movie store to pick a few action flicks, read the following as we have picked the top 5 actions movies that you won’t regret watching.

#1.John Wick: Chapter 2
#3.Fast 8
#4.xXx: Return of Xander Cage
#5.Assassin’s Creed

John Wick: Chapter 2


John Wick: Chapter 2 is the best action movie of 2017, hands down. And you would too agree to that after watching it. If you are an action-movie fan, you may have already seen it. But for those who haven’t, go watch it as Keanu Reeve returns back to tackle a mysterious collection of assassins. The movie is a whole lot bloodier and more stylish than its predecessor.



It’s hard that you may have missed watching Logan as it was Hugh Jackman’s last performance as the iconic Wolverine. Logan may not have the city-block destroying, hyper-choreographed and gravity-defying drills of the other X-men movies but it’s certainly is action-packed, unflinching and brutal.

Fast 8


The Fast 7 made a whopping $1.5 billion but the Fast 8 is not very far behind with 1.163 billion already in the bank. It’s action-packed and people totally loved it.

Personally, we believe that The Fate of the Furious went a little too far this time, defying what could possibly be a reality. Submarines and Lamborghinis being driven on the snow, while hundreds of cars getting hacked and controlled simultaneously. And obviously, The God’s Eye; all this take The Fast movies quite away from reality.

But if you love action, it’s still one of the best movies for 2017.

xXx: Return of Xander Cage


Vin Diesel returns as Xander Cage in what’s been called as the purest action series that he’s done so far. Return of Xander Cage is the third movie in the Franchise; following up on the 2005’s xXx: State of the Union.

The story follows up from the 2002’s original, so make sure that you watch the other two movies before this one.

Assassin’s Creed


If you love video games, you would know then why there’s an Assassin’s Creed movie. The AC’s adaptation had very high expectations to live up to. The movie itself doesn’t link directly with the video game’s storyline but is set within the same boundaries and ancient societies.

The movie has been brought to life with some A-list cast including Michael Fassbender, Jeremey Irons, Brendon Gleeson, Marion Cotillard and Michael K. Williams. The movie itself was great but we do think that Fassbender could have worked on his body a bit more.

We hope that you watch these movies soon. And when you do, make sure to get back to us and leave a comment below.

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