Top 5 best travel apps 2017


If it’s that time of the year when you are packing bags for a vacation, it’s also that time when you need to download some best free travel apps on your phone. In this guide, we have picked top 5 best travel apps 2017. All of our 5 picks work on different lines, so you better download all of them. But if you already have some of them on your phone, you sure have a knack for traveling.

#2.Google Trips
#4.Flight Stats
#5.Guides by Lonely Planet

Check out our list of best travel apps 2017.

1. TripAdvisor

When traveling to a new place, how do you figure out if the hotel you are going to stay at is good enough for you? How would you find which restaurants offer good food or the pubs that offer rave parties? There’s no way you could know this all out without hearing it from others who have been there. TripAdvisor gets you all that information and more. Even for the tiniest and alienated of the places, you will surely find a review.

You can find hotels, rentals, restaurants and also “Things to Do”. You can use filters for price, no. of bedrooms, beds, and even add the number of people who want the accommodation. Then, you can also find the cheapest flights to your destination. The best thing about TripAdvisor is that it’s always up to date. So whatever you see there won’t mislead you.

Price: Free

2. Google Trips

If you want to keep it simple and avoid the trouble, Google Trips is your safest bet. But in terms of privacy, there are a few concerns. The app is linked to your Gmail account and automatically populates reservations.

The good thing about Google Trips is how it suggests a variety of tourists places anywhere you go. Even fancier is how that you can save the searches and access them later without using data.

But beware, just like Google Maps, there’s always room for slight errors so don’t over-rely on algorithm if you are seeking travel advice. Google Trips is your best travel booking app if you need everything automated and served on a plate.

Price: Free

3. Tinder

You may already have this app on your phone but if you are traveling, you could have a date within the convenience of your hotel room rather than seeking it out in the bars. Also, if the idea of meeting a stranger in a completely new place makes you scared, then getting acquainted beforehand really makes sense.

And if you are traveling in a group, you could even make use of Tinder’s new Social feature that’s designed for people traveling in groups. Meeting new people this way also relieves the pressure of a date and makes it more of a contemporary way of meeting likeminded people.

Price: Free

4. Flight Stats

If you feel that Google Trips asks for too much and provides over information, then your safest bet is to try an app like Flight Stats. But this app doesn’t let you book flights. But this is the best travel planner app that lets you check gates, terminals, and delays just by plugging your flight number.

You can also search for all the American Airlines flights but that’s not only restricted to flights out of John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

Price: Free

5. Guides by Lonely Planet

If you want to plan a trip to a new city, Lonely Planet is the best travel planner apps that you want to get your hands on to. The best part: you can download the guide and then use it without data.

Guides by Lonely Planet is known for its quirky cafes and travel recommendations. It’s also one great way to get suggestions for sightseeing and local places. Because the guides can work without data once downloaded, you should definitely get this app.

Price: Free