Whitefish Investigation


The investigation of FBI is currently being processed about the 300 million dollar, which has been rewarded to the Whitefish energy in order to repair the electrical grid of Puerto Rico due to the Hurricane Maria. Many of the people who have been concerned with this matter have been reporting the wall street journal about the FBI agents who have been investigating the deal and the agreement between the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority and the whitefish. Whereas, they never answered the upon the request of comments.

Eventually, the Puerto Rico state run electric utility claimed that the accepted request of contract on Sunday should be immediately canceled with whitefish, which is located in the interior secretary Ryan Zinkie’s hometown. Gov. Ricardo Rossello called for an immediate cancelation of deal for PREPA, which was done soon after the hurricane, which hit the island. It was claimed that, whitefish had only 2 full time workers, which made the deal fade away and a lot of critics had been raised up reporting that they do not have the related experience and ability to work on such large-scale projects.

There has been many investigations recently, including house energy, commerce, and Natural Recourses just like the inspector general of department of homeland security, though it has a Jurisdiction on the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Even the government of Puerto Rico has been considering and reviewing how the contract has been made.

Trump administrator has been distancing himself or herself from the matter of contract, moreover Zinke had also claimed that he did not have anything to do with the deal, whereas FEMA did not approve the deal. It has been proved that the deal was made leaving out the bidding process, which is only liable under the conditions of emergency, by FEMA. The CEO of whitefish has claimed to reach out the PREPA through the website LinkedIn, whereas they chose the whitefish upon their own benefits of very less down payments which required by all the companies except the Whitefish.

The deal has nothing illegal or prohibitions, defended by both PREPA and whitefish. “There is nothing illegal here … of that, we’re sure” PREPA CEO Ricardo gave the last words upon the end of the contract that ”The process was done according to the law”. However, it is still not proven from any side whether it was legal or illegal.