26 teenagers found dead in the Mediterranean Sea


Sunday—Italian authorities are looking into the reason for the death of 26 teenagers who were found dead in the Mediterranean Sea.

The girls that are believed to be aged between 14 and 18 were migrants from Nigeria and Niger and were on their route to Europe from Libya.

Salerno’s Head of Police Lorena Ciccotti told CNN that autopsies for the dead bodies will be carried out on Tuesday, looking into the possibilities whether the girls were sexually abused or tortured.

The bodies of the deceased were found near a rubber dinghy with some survivors still on the vessels. Aid workers described the whole scenario a grim scene as bodies were floating all around.

The rescue operation was one of the four others carried out in the Mediterranean. According to local authorities, 400 people were traveling on the Spanish Vessel Cantabria from the Italian port of Salerno.

Libya, the North African country is known for its human trafficking, smuggling, and other illicit activities because of Libya’s poor central governance. People from many other sub-Saharan Africa are resorting to nearby countries in the Europe to fell the persecution of the war.

On Monday, the Italian authorities also arrested, a Libyan and an Egyptian on the charges of human trafficking. However, the men were linked to the women traveling on the boat.

So far, 2839 migrants have died on the Mediterranean route just alone in this year.

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