Bitcoin prices soared to $9000; another record for the cryptocurrency


    As predicted in September that Bitcoin will reach the 10k mark by the end of this year, the prophecies have been claimed earlier than expected. On Sunday, the cryptocurrency surpassed all its previous price records. Bitcoin hit its peak of $9,033 on Sunday morning. According to Coin Desk, Bitcoin now has $150 billion market cap.

    Other similar digital currencies that have seen improvements include ethereum that also reached its all-time high of $485 but then dropped to $461.79 on Sunday.

    If you haven’t done a lot of catching on Bitcoin, let us tell you that the cryptocurrency had a market price of $1,000 by the start of this year.

    For Bitcoin, it has been the most successful year, especially the second half of 2017. The value of Bitcoin surpassed $5000 just around October; the rest after that.

    If you want to know when the price of Bitcoin could reach $10,000; well, it’s now. It wasn’t when I wrote down this piece originally but by the evening when I decided to publish it, Bitcoin had already hit the 10k mark.

    However, The Merkle noted that the cryptocurrency markets act irrationally and their price could face correction.

    According to Coinbase, the single largest Bitcoin exchange in the U.S. added 100,000 accounts between Wednesday and Friday alone. Particularly one reason why the prices soared again.

    If you have been sitting there doing nothing about the Bitcoin, I would just suggest you go for it. If it’s $10k this year, it could be $20k. You never know!

    Note: All content is original & written by NewsCrux Team.



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