Microsoft’s Xbox One X is an archetype of how the tech industry is ripping us


Some would say I was a bit harsh when I said that the tech industry is ripping us. But the reality is: We have been played by the tech giants in a very carefully-crafted manner all these years as they produce nuanced versions of a product before finally coming up with something that’s ACTUALLY a step ahead in technology; i.e. the real upgrade.

Over these years, we have seen how smartphone and TV manufacturers produce some awfully impressive TVCs and social media marketing campaigns that push us to the verge paying them for the minor upgrades. I have a dozen examples that I can put forth and Xbox is just another on my list.

Take the example of iPhone 8. It’s a smartphone with upgrades that according to Apple has a better performance than the iPhone 7. On the books, the iPhone 8 has 25 percent faster performance cores and 70 percent faster high-efficiency cores.

How many of you actually know what do these performance upgrades mean? How many of you really care that iPhone now has wireless charging? If you have an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, honestly, there’s no real need for you to spend hundreds of dollars on the iPhone 8.

Well, iPhone X doesn’t come on my list though because that phone really has come up with something new.

Our TVs are another example. While we have already 4K TVs and gaming consoles that support 4K gaming and videos, we can’t really find 100 percent of the content or games to be available on 4K. The 4K HDR TV that I have at my home, it uses HDR and 4K only when I Netflix or use my PS4 Pro. When it comes to watching a movie in 4K, my PS4 can’t do that while only a few movies are able in 4K.

Let’s come to Xbox One X now. It’s an upgrade to Xbox One S, which itself was an upgrade to the original Xbox One. But what were the upgrades about? Well, the Xbox One S is 4K-video capable while the Xbox One X is 4K gaming capable.

The specs on the Xbox One X are definitely top of the range but that doesn’t make it a superlative console to Xbox One S because the difference is more of a premium feature that consumers with 4K HDR TVs can make use of only.

There’s no doubt that Xbox One X is exceptionally gorgeous, but there’s no question that you don’t need it if you already own an Xbox One S or don’t own a 4K HDR TV.

Note: All content is original & written by NewsCrux Team.