Our darling Volkswagen Beetle is getting an all-electric upgrade


It’s time that our beloved VW Beetle gets it a much-deserved upgrade: An all-electric Beetle.

Chairman Herbert Diess Volkswagen confirms the news that they have a plan to get an electric Beetle.

Diess said in an interview with Autocar that the company has been considering getting an electric version of Beetle as part of their zero-emission cars plan. Diess said: “If we wanted to do a Beetle, electrically it would be much better than today’s model, much closer to history because it could be rear-wheel drive.”

Just to tell you, Volkswagen hasn’t even yet started working on the new car. However, Diess did mention that they will soon have the concept of an electric Beetle by the time of their company’s board meeting on the expansion of electric cars range.

Earlier this year, we also saw the German automaker reviving an electric version of its retro microbus ID Buzz. Diess also mentioned that the customers are really looking forward to an electric version of Beetle.

According to Volkswagen’s future plans, they are going to spend $24 billion on manufacturing their electric vehicles range by 2030.

We just can’t wait to see Beetle go electric!

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