Russian hackers Target Trump Years Before Election – 2016


There has been much spy on the United State, which has also frightened their government about the Russian hackers who have been targeting much more than the presidential elections and the Hillary Clintons campaign. These hackers have been striving their best to achieve an access on all the e-mails receiving from the Ukrainian officers, the defense contract of United State and all the oppositions made for the Russians.

Moreover, it has been proved that these hackers have a very strong relation with the Russian government, this has been started years back and the reports claim that these hackers have been forcefully entering and spying the emails of around 4700 users of Gmail around the world. “It’s a wish list of who you’d want to target to further Russian interests.” Said by Keir Giles. Keir holds the place of directing Conflict Studies Research Center located in Cambridge, situated in England. He is also a reviewer of the AP’s finding whereas, he stated, “A master list of individuals whom Russia would like to spy on, embarrass, discredit or silence”

It has been claimed that there were around nineteen thousands of malicious links, combined by the cyber security from Secureworks, large number of emails and hacking targets or around 100 on the interviews. This company came across a group, which consists of hacking known as Fancy Bear who mistakenly revealed few portions of the hacking and phishing techniques and methods. On the internet world wide. Therefore, it showed the line between the hackers and the rock on the presidential contest in the final stage as well as the private emails of the Clinton Campaign chairman John Podesta.

The problems of democrat has been re arise in the nation of revelation that, the Trump campaigns official member has claimed last year that the Russians had “dirt” on Clinton in the emails which were around thousand.

The spokesman Dmitry Peskov of Kremlin called the notion about Russia who had interrupted the “unfound”. However, the list has a very strong proof about Kremlin, that it was just the thing he did. Andraz Racz, a very expert specialist of Russian security policy at Pazmany Peter Catholic University which is located in Hungary, said, “Thus is the Kremlin and the general staff” whereas, he claimed “I have no doubts” after examining the case.  

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