That Moment when Donald Trump Got Burned by CNN


It seems like Donald Trump has too much time on his hand that he tweets about everything that comes to his mind. And of course, each one of his tweets is aggressed towards some entity that pissed him off. This time it was CNN under Trump’s radar. But interestingly, CNN didn’t hold back from giving their verdict on his tweet.

Donald Trump is certainly the most notorious president that the U.S. may have seen in ages, giving his opinions on everything and them as hard facts on social media so everyone can judge him.

If you don’t know this but Donald Trump likes to attack CNN now and then whenever he’s not too busy insulting others.

But CNN got no chill and Trump would definitely need some ice handy to take that burn from the news agency.

This is what Trump’s tweet said:

Donald Trump, in the tweet, once again decried CNN over spreading fake news and representing the U.S. in a bad manner to the outside world.

Whatever CNN said in response to the tweet was too much burn for the president:

True that.

There’s more.

In another tweet, Trump claimed that he was going to be named Person of the year again by TIME magazine, this year, but it was him who “took a pass”.

But TIME had a different story to tell, saying that the president isn’t correct about how we choose the Person of the Year.


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