This is why you can only register a single Face ID


With the Apple all set to deliver the iPhone X preorders on November 3, there are a lot of questions that many have in their heads. One of them is: Why only a single Face ID can be registered on the new iPhone X.

The answer to this question is quite intuitive if someone wants to think about it. But Apple’s statement is also a no-brainer. Some people think that it’s quite an embarrassment that Apple only allowed 5 fingerprints when humans are blessed with 10 fingers. We think it’s quite lame; no one was ever going to register all of their fingers. Two indexes and two thumbs though make sense.

This is Apple’s first device with Face ID and people want to know why there’s option to scan only a single face.

Apple has a sound reason for having just one Face ID:

Unlike Thumb ID where you could have used either of your two hands and their respective index fingers or thumbs, it’s not the case with your face.

For partners who want to share their Face IDs on a phone, they can rely on sharing passcodes. Just make sure that you remember your passcode because Face ID isn’t just quick but ever efficient also, so you will hardly need to use your passcode.

iPhone X uses TrueDepth Camera system on the top of the screen that uses infrared and 3D-imaging technology to measure the depth of your face. The Face ID is stored locally and encrypted. This takes care of another of people’s concern, what if hackers get into Apple’s servers. Well, they will not find anything.

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