Trump’s Commerce secretary and his matters with Putin family


According to the documents that were collected from different news sources, Mr. Wilbur Ross was clearly not successful in disclosing the business matters with the family of Vladin Putin, the president of Russia.

The documents clearly identify that Mr. Ross still has attention towards the Navigator Holdings, which was owned by his investment company to some extent. The matter of concern is that a Russian energy organization that is controlled by the son in law of Mr. Putin, as well as by a few members that are very closely attached to him, has connections with the Navigator.

Süddeutsche Zeitung, a German publication that was the first source to disclose the information related to the documents that were obtained from a law firm of Bermuda. Later on, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists shared this information about leaked documents, with the NBC news.

The republicans and democrats praised Mr. Ross on his move for pledging relationship with more than 80 financial organization, in which he himself was interested. The NBC news was told in a statement made by a Commerce Department spokesman who also repeated the same vow, that Mr. Ross has a safe side form all the matters that are related to the shipping, done beyond the oceans. The Commerce Department spokesperson also added that Mr. Ross is in contact with the ethical officials as he wants to make certain, the highest ethical standard.

The Spokesperson also told that Ross has also supported different sanctions that were related to Russia. Whereas the statement did not ensure the connections that are mentioned in the NBC News report.

Another report demonstrates that the special counsel parliamentarian Mueller has encroached within the federal probe into the interference of the elections in Russia and professed ties between the Trump campaign and capital of the Russian Federation.

On the previous Monday, it was clearly announced by Mueller that Paul Manafort, the former chairman of Trump campaign and the associate of Manafort, Richard gates, had been convicted for the connivance against the United States of America and for the money laundering.

This Monday, the White House announced that the charges that are against Paula Manafort and his associate have no connections with the campaign.

George Papadopoulos, who is the former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser, has pleaded guilty because of his contacts with the Russian officials, as he lied to the FBI.

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