Your insanely priced iPhone X becomes even pricier when you get the ‘appendages’


No, no, no. I am not going to stop here. My blood is boiling right now. Apple has lost it and no one is even thinking about batting an eye on what the company is doing with our hard-earned money. A few days back, I was discussing with one of my colleagues about how Apple should have come up with the wireless Airpods as a token of appreciation for all the iPhone X buyers. Turns out that there’s no hope of something like that; in fact, you even have to get the fast charger separately and that too for a whopping $70. Seriously, what the heck? Why should someone be spending that much on a charger? Is Samsung committing a sin by including fast chargers since the release of their Galaxy S5 at no additional price?

Apple has done it wrong and no one sees that. The overpriced iPhone X is lucky to have the Apple logo on its back. It would have been an absolute disaster, had it been something coming out from Samsung or some other smartphone manufacturer.

Apple is throwing a stick at us and we are just acting as their cute puppies who right away run to fetch it.

Yes, I am an iPhone user. I have the iPhone 7 Plus, Jet Black, that I bought for an insane amount of money last year. But then came the iPhone X and I was drooling all over just like every year.

But I won’t be throwing away my money just like that. A thousand-dollar iPhone just got sold at 2500 units per second and I am losing my mind because we all know what $1000 could actually do other than buying an iPhone X. But guess what, Apple knows how much we love showing off and boasting about the so-called luxuries.

I loved the iPhone X, I won’t say no to that, but what for? An OLED screen that’s going to cost me a fortune if I ever break it. And not to forget the latest report that says that iPhone X is the most breakable iPhone ever that Apple has ever made. Good luck with losing your thousand dollars just like that! Better not get one if you have sweaty hands!

Let’s get to the Galaxy Note 8—a beautiful, gorgeous-looking devices that’s quite a deal breaker. Not really, I must say. There’s nothing special with the cameras on the phone. The device is powerful but still rests on the second spot (iPhone X is on the top and that’s kind of commendable and I do appreciate the Bionic A11 chip and Animoji). But even after making an impressive-looking device, I just see Note 8 as a nuanced version of Galaxy S8+. Nothing too praising.

What should we do then? The thing is, our phones aren’t as useless as these smartphone manufacturers make them look like through their cleverly-crafted marketing techniques. If you already have a flagship device from 2016, it could easily last a few years before giving up on you. Don’t fall for upgrading every year; you could save yourself tons by doing so.

Note: All content is original & written by NewsCrux Team.