5 reasons why Conatural should be your next and last skincare stop


Somewhere in Pakistan, someone is applying a carcinogenic formula cream on their skin, hoping to get overnight fairness; someone is using a shampoo, full of chemicals, hoping it would cope with their hair loss issues; someone using fake essential oils presuming them virgin.

It seems like no one like doing the math, or maybe, no one likes keeping a track of what they are putting up on their body. Because all that we want are the results, no matter the consequences!

The Pakistani skin care industry still has a long way to go. There aren’t many high-end quality products, and it’s rather a rarity to find organic products. And don’t even think about organic skincare.

But there are two sisters on a mission to change it all. Tired of the deceptive skincare products, Myra and Rema, took an oath to quit the scary, chemical-based skin care. And not just that, they decided to come up with their own range of organic hair and skincare products.

Conatural has emerged as a prominent organic and natural skin and hair care brand with its widest range of products to keep your body chemical-free. We have picked our 5 reasons why Conatural is the skincare brand that you need to stock up on right now.

1. ISO 22716

How many skincare brands in Pakistan are ISO 22716 certified? Well, the figures are anomalously low, considering how the mainstream skincare products are made with steroids, carcinogens and bleaching agents. Having an ISO 22716 means a lot. It’s the international standard for the good manufacturing practices (GMP) for cosmetics. Which explains how safe it’s for you to use Conatural products on your skin.

2. Essential Oils

Conatural doesn’t use artificial musks in their products. But what they rather use are the amazing essential oils. According to Conatural, they source the purest essential oils. Essential oils are aromatic compounds founds in roots, flowers, bark, seeds and other parts of plants.

The best part about essential oils is their therapeutic benefits which induce healing. If you want to know the difference between essential oils and ordinary fragrances, it’s the same as that of natural and synthetic products. Not just that, essentials oils are vital for the skin and hair. For instance, lavender is great for treating symptoms of health problems like arthritis, acne, sunburn, muscle aches, etc.

Conatural runs their own rigorous quality test that includes:

  • Verification of the plant botanical species
  • Verifying that crops are not subjected to pesticides
  • Understanding how the essential oil is extracted
  • Evaluating the odor of the essential oil
  • Testing the essential oil’s purity using GC/MS technology

3. No use of toxic chemicals

One of the major reasons why the mainstream skin and hair care products are extremely harmful is because of their toxic ingredients. But why do even the biggest companies use such chemicals in their products? Well, it’s a major cost-cutting technique. It’s a normality for skincare brands to add parabens, petroleum jelly, and artificial musk in the products. Same is the case with hair care products that have added SLS, PPD, silicones, and phthalates. According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention, laboratory tests have revealed the harmful effects on the productive system of laboratory animals.

All of the Conatural products are free from:

  • Parabens
  • Triclosan
  • Artificial musks
  • Phthalates
  • SLS
  • PPD
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Silicones

4. Wide Range of Products

At Conatural, you will find a skin or hair care product for all your needs. Conatural started off with a few skincare products but is now an all-around solution for all your hair and skin care fix. You can now find body products, bath essentials, essential oils, lip care, moisturizers, soaps, and a variety of face products.

You can browse the entire product range here: https://www.conaturalintl.com

5. Mineral sourcing from the Dead Sea

For Myra and Rema, it’s all about sourcing from the best and the natural. Numerous studies have proven Dead Sea’s high mineral and salinity concentrations as compared to other oceans. Due to this, the Dead Sea is a host of numerous minerals having incredible therapeutic sources. Not just that, clinical trials conducted in hospitals worldwide are studying the benefits of high concentration of Dead Sea minerals. The results of the clinical trials have found the Dead Sea minerals to be super effective in relaxing muscles, easing rheumatic pains and improving the intern tranquility and calmness.

We are in love with Conatural

For years, I kept looking for something like Conatural. Organic hair care products that won’t further reduce the hair count on my head or a skin ointment that won’t leave my skin in even more trouble. Conatural’s Hair Repair Shampoo is my favorite pick. I just need a shampoo that was free of sulfates and allergens; a shampoo that could just gently wash off the oil and dirt.

My other favorites are essential oils which you can use in a variety of ways. The cedar wood essential oil is as exhilarating as it could and has great therapeutic benefits. I have been using essentials oils for years in my laundry sheets, surface learners, etc., but it’s the topical application of Conatural’s essential oils that I am more interested in.

I believe it’s the perfect time to invest in the right hair and skin care products before it’s too late. What do you think?

 Note: All content is original & written by NewsCrux Team.