Cathay Pacific crew saw North Korea’s Missile re-entering earth’s atmosphere

Photo credits: KCNA/KNS/AP

In a recent event, Cathay Pacific crew reported having seen North Korea’s missile entering back into the earth’s atmosphere that was tested last week.

The airline company confirmed to the BBC of the North Korea’s air missile re-entering into earth’s atmosphere.

However, no flight routes were amended because of the event. About the North Korea’s missile, it was a Ballistic missile test carried on November 29th, 2017, that according to Pyongyang could reach anywhere in the US. Pyongyang describes their latest ballistic missile to be there most powerful missile yet. The missile has been reported to have flown higher than any other of North Korea’s missile.  It’s also reported that the missile ended up in Japanese waters.

The entire event cost further problems when the United States began their joint air exercise with South Korea which the North has referred to as “all-out provocation”.

North Korea doesn’t announce its missile tests like other countries do. This means that North Korea missiles come without a warning or known flight path. Experts believe that this could pose some serious risks to planes.

It’s worth mentioning here that North Korea does have access to international civic aviation data, so we could presume that they do look into airspace before launching their missiles. Yes, the risks of any anomalous events are low, but still, different airline companies are looking into “No-Fly Zones” just like Air France did by expanding their no-fly zones to North Korea.

About the US-South Korea air drills, called Vigilant Ace, that’s meant to last five days, involves 230 aircrafts, two-dozen stealth jets and hundreds and thousands of military personnel.

The North Korea has been condemning the drills all along, saying that the countries are “begging for war” and the North Korea is reconsidering their countermeasures.

Even though the entire situation looks quite heated up, it doesn’t seem like that something critical is going to happen anytime soon.

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