iMac Pro: A Beast with a Beastly Price Tag

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The new iMac Pro has officially launched today. We did know the base price was $4999 but what we didn’t know was the max price for the Apple’s 19-core iMac Pro. Now we know though! We will look into pricing, specs and more, below. Continue reading.

You can now order Apple’s new iMac Pro and if you have already been using an iMac before, chances are that you will upgrade, considering if you had been saving for it. The iMac Pro starts at $4999 and then skyrockets from there.

If you had been following the news, you would then that the new iMac was meant to be a beast with the best-in-class specs.

The Processor

The iMac Pro boosts Intel Xeon W-class processors that come with 8, 10, 14, and 18 cores. While you have lots of options, Apple is directing people to go with 10 cores because of its high frequency.

Graphics Card

You can choose between two different Radeon Pro Vega graphics cards.

Miscellaneous Specs

iMac Pro comes with four USA-A ports, 4 USB-C/Thunderbolt ports, SDXC card slot, and 10GB Ethernet.


A stunning 27-inch Retina 5K display.

RAM & Storage

You could get as much as 128GB of RAM but the base model comes with 32GB Ram and 1 TB SSD. According to Apple, their optimized hardware for iMac Pro provides better performance if the entire workstation is built using the same components. The integration comes with the custom silicon that Apple likes to call the T2. The T2 handles many different parts of the motherboard like image processing, audio, and tons of other management functions.

It might all seem quite tricky but for people who need powerful processors and modern graphics, they will know how to make their own iMac Pro. With such powerful specs, just imagine how easy it would be to do scientific modeling, developing VR content or working natively on 8K video.


You can get the new iMac Pro in Space Gray color while the accessories are available in black color. Almost all the accessories come in black, even the included lightning cable.

Our two cents on the new iMac Pro

The price is definitely exorbitant but you have to understand that it’s not a consumer-grade computer. It’s for someone who requires an intensely powerful machine. People who need something this powerful will be willing to pay the price for it, after all, it’s an iMac.

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