True Wireless Charging Technology Could VERY Soon Be A Reality!

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We all know that charging a phone or a device on a charging surface isn’t really true wireless charging. The true wireless charging means more. It means that you will be able to charge your gadgets without requiring anything or any charging surface.

It all seems a lot closer to the reality now as the Federal Communications Commission offer recently approved the first-ever wireless charger with the ability to “power at a distance”.

It’s been built by Energous, a company that was rumored to have been working with Apple on distance wireless charging. Named WattUp is a charger that can send RF-based power up to three feet to devices with a receptor to catch the RF signals. It’s the first time that a distance wireless charger has been certified.

WattUp’s promo video shows a single charger charging multiple devices at once. It also shows that the charging automatically stops once the battery is fully charged. The WattUp comes with a tiny receiver that can be put on any device, including waterproof ones.

Earlier, we saw a company demonstrating distance wireless charging that required snapping on a cover on your phone that was equipped with the RF receiver. But this, WattUp, has been deemed as the first-ever “true wireless charger”.

However, I still disagree with WattUp being a wireless charging technology. I believe that this is something that the smartphone manufacturers should be working on with companies like Energous to come up with built-in chips. So to charge your phones, you won’t need anything but an app that could control the wireless charging on your device. Plus, a wireless charger that would come along your favorite phone.

Moreover, a charger that can send wireless signals to only three feet isn’t very impressive. It’s obviously great that a true wireless charger is at last happening. But it’s not something that can’t be improved over years. Maybe, a charger that could send signals to the entire room would be cooler, if not a built-in wireless charger in your device because that could really fire up the already escalating prices of flagship devices.

What do you think is your definition of a true wireless charging technology?

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