Busted: The “Nigerian Prince” email scam guy has been arrested and it’s certainly not a Nigerian Royalty


The police have arrested the guy involved in the “Nigerian Prince” scam, a 67-year-old white, in Slidell, Louisiana. It took the police 18 months for the investigation and finding the suspect who was the middleman for the scam group in Nigeria. The 67-year-old would get the money out of people in America and send it to his accomplices in Nigeria. In case you want to see, this is the guy:

While the Nigerian Prince Scam has been one of the most notorious online scams that we have seen so far, it has still cost the victims involved their money and even more. According to State Department reports, the victims of the scam who has responded to the emails were then subjected to extortion, threats and some of them were even murdered.

If you haven’t been familiar with the Nigerian Prince Email Scam, there’s a full page dedicated to that by the Federal Trade Commission, explaining the phishing tactics being used to scam the money out of people.

The man arrested, Michael Neu, has been a facilitator for the parties in Nigeria, and it’s with his help, the money was transferred to his co-conspirators. Neu has been charged with 269 accounts of wire fraud and money laundering.

About the scam, it starts off with sending an email coming from a Nigerian Prince’s officials, or a surviving spouse, business people, etc. who wants to settle the prince’s money into another country and you could be the one helping them do that. LOL! But before they could send his millions of dollars to your account, you need to pay those bank fee or “taxes” to get that money out of the country. While it may all sound too stupid to be real, it gets quite real with fraudsters going beyond the ordinary to verify their claims.

The Slidell Police Department has confirmed an investigation but they believe that it’s too difficult to resolve the case as many of the leads point to people outside the US jurisdiction.

You may not fall trap to such obnoxious scams but remember, everyone has a weak spot and these scammers know exactly how to exploit them. But the rule is simple: You don’t hand over your hard-earned money to some stranger online, nor do you reply to some stranger’s stupid emails. Tighten up the security on your email accounts and try not to explore your Spam folder with lots of interest.

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