India’s first openly gay prince is opening doors of his palace for the LGBT community

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Not just Mohil came out openly as India’s first gay prince but has also been taking some serious steps to show his conviction towards his choice. Prince Manvendra Singh Mohil will be opening the doors of his ancestral palace to the LGBT community by setting up an LGBT center there.

Mohil’s decision has been an important one, given his cultural Indian background where same-sex marriage isn’t just illegal but also considered a major taboo. India strongly stigmatizes homosexuality. Even when Mohil came out as gay, people of his province burned effigies of him. According to Mohil, people face a lot of pressure from their families in India. They are forced to marry or thrown out of their homes which leaves most of them homeless with no support. “I am not going to have children, so I thought, why not use this space for a good purpose?” Mohil told the Thomson Reuter Foundation.

The LGBT population in India faces a lot of persecution. Many of those who could flee the country, do so, when they have the opportunity, finding asylum in other countries.

Mohil has some great plans for his LGBT community. He wants to offer rooms, medical care, HIV education and vocational training. To accommodate all this, Mohil is planning to renovate his palace in Gujarat in western India. He’s also planning to set aside some of his lands for organic farming.

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