Samsung builds the world’s largest 4K TV—calls it ‘The Wall”

Photo Credits: Brian wong/mashable

Yes, it’s a 146-inch 4K, HDR TV from Samsung that’s been around the news. But what if I tell you that it’s not the size that’s the real news about Samsung’s 2018 TVs?

Samsung started off its CES 2018 presentation showing off its massive 146-inch 4K TV and called it “The Wall”. I couldn’t agree any less. But then came more.

Behind that gigantic screen is Samsung’s newest “Micro LED” technology. With this new evolution of displays, we could experience better picture quality and contrasts. But guess what? That’s just one way for Samsung to sell their better screens like others are doing it with their OLED, Quantum Dots, etc.

What really fascinates me about “The Wall” isn’t its 146-inch display. Well, it’s definitely a sight worth looking at but it’s rather the AI technology that Samsung is building into their newer TVs that has fascinated me more.

The AI technology was demonstrated by Samsung on their Q9S 8K TV that was able to upscale 480p content to 8K. The outcome was exemplary but let’s just say that the jury is still out as we yet have to see how it works with the real content.

Samsung’s built-in AI chip uses “Adaptive Restoration Process” that can create pristine 8K images from any type of content. In other words, Samsung’s AI cheap can correct details, sharpen the edges of text and objects and reduce image noise.

There’s a lot that Samsung is packing in its 2018 TVs, including HDR 10+ support for Xbox One X and Bixby Voice Controls. 

A fascinating thing about Samsung’s Micro LED technology is modularity. Apparently, Samsung has created the world’s first modular TV allowing you to create TVs in any resolution and aspect ration. Yes, that wasn’t possible in the past but is now. But even then, there are no plans for the company to build custom TVs for its customers.

There’s still no news about the price but it will cost a fortune, for sure. Keep your pockets big if you like to own the biggest TV in the world!

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