The upcoming ‘iPhone X Plus’ could have LG’s OLED display

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    The current iPhone X sports an OLED display sourced from Samsung but the rumors are that the alleged ‘new iPhone X Plus’ will likely getting its OLED display from LG.

    The Korean manufacturer is expected to deliver the OLED displays for the upcoming 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus. LG has been making the LCD panels for Apple’s iPhone 8 and 8 Plus variants but not the OLED displays for the iPhone X. It’s Samsung BTW that’s supplying the OLED displays for the iPhone X.

    This year, Apple is expected to release two new phones only: A 5.8-inch iPhone and a 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus. It’s also predicted that LG will be delivering around 15 million OLED panels for the 6.5-inch iPhone model, while Apple is negotiating with Samsung for the additional supply, as per an Electronic Times report.

    The 15 million may sound hefty but it’s no comparison to what Samsung has provided or will continue to provide for the iPhone X. The company is also expected to continue providing the OLED panels for the upcoming 5.8-inch model.

    This may seem like a victory for LG as Samsung has been its arch-rival since decades now. Both companies have sued each other multiple times over the LCD and OLED technology and they both have wrestled to supply Google Pixel 2’s displays. Currently, Samsung supplies the AMOLED display for Pixel 2 while LG gets the P-OLED display for the XL variant.

    It may seem like a good news for LG but for the customers, it could mean a slew of problems. The P-OLED displays on Pixel 2 XL have been reported with image burn-in, discolorations, and a few other problems. Samsung, who provided the displays for original Pixels phones and they haven’t reported any such issues with their OLED displays.

    It’s unclear whether the issues that the users are coming across on their Pixel 2 XL devices are LG’s fault, but we do believe that Apple has got it all covered along LG if they are planning to take such a major step. We all know Apple doesn’t take any such risks because of their stingy product line.

    Would you want Samsung or LG to produce the panels for the new iPhone X Plus? Let us know in the comments sections below.

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